Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cambell's Stages

Stage I – Departure:
·         Call to Adventure
·         Refusal
·         Supernatural Aid
·         Crossing First Threshold (liminal zone)
·         Belly of the whale  à Death (Could be metaphorical)/Night
Stage II – Initiation:
·         Road of trials (scary parts)
·         Meeting with the Goddess
·         Woman as temptress
·         Atonement with the father (metaphorical father or father figure)
·         Apotheosis (Climax)
·         Ultimate Boon
Stage III – Return:
·         Refusal to return
·         Magic flight (miracle escape)
·         Rescue from without
·         Second threshold (Return)
·         Master of two worlds
·         Freedom to live – Application of Boon
The whole overall concept of a Monomyth is pretty interesting. Each god that we’ve learned about has a different story, but all of them relate to each other in some aspect. Also the idea that myths can have the same general story but be from completely different areas and cultures around the world is a very hard one to grasp. I wonder if there is even one myth that is all its own in the sense that none other has copied it or if it was not copied from another. I guess I’ll just have to keep reading. J

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