Monday, February 7, 2011

Horus Horus Horus...

Can you say disfunctional family? So first off, his great uncle (Osiris) marries his mother (Isis). His father dies and his mother breaths life back into him just long enough to get pregnant (without sex...who knew?) Horus then came to be and eventually had to over power his uncle (Set) and "re-member" his father. When he wasn't allowed to kill Set, Horus got suuuuper pissed off at his mom (Isis) and cuts her head right off. Then her dad (Thoth) used his powers to replace her head with a cows head... (Why not just use your powers to put your daughters real head on her body? Gods are strange.) Then Osiris and Isis lived out the rest of their days together in the Other World. (Ahhh, Romance)

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